Military, Criminals and Ghosts. Ashwell Prison has seen its fair share of violence and death, but is the energy created from Ashwell's rough past still present? Join Brookes Paranormal as we investigate the three large and haunted Cell Blocks, at the former Ashwell Prison in Oakham.



Before HMP Ashwell, there was World War 2. The site which later became a prison, was once used as an US Army Base for the 82nd Airborne Division, towards the later years of the Second World War. It's unknown if any American soldiers died here, but day-to-day activities would've made this site very busy. In 1955, an open prison for adult male convicts was officially opened, and in October 1987, it was converted to an Adult Male Category C prison.


Heading into the new millenium, in 2003, HMP Ashwell made the news after four prisoners went on a wrecking spree, damaging more than £10,000 worth of office equipment, computers and windows. The incident started after a prison officer found an inmate had been drinking alcohol in his cell. An inspection 2 years later cited big concerns about prisoners' vulnerability, race relations and the quality of work and training at the prison, and later that same year, an inmate escaped from guards while receiving treatment for tuberculosis at Leicester Royal Infirmary, before being recaptured days later.


In July 2008, a new wing costing £6 million with an additional 64 cells was opened at Ashwell Prison, increasing the inmate capacity. On the 11th April 2009, a major riot broke out at HMP Ashwell, involving approximately 400 inmates and forcing a 3-mile long police perimeter extending to the edges of Oakham. Several prisoners were evacuated from the prison, as a fire broke out shortly after the riot started. It took nearly an entire 24 hours before the riot was under control. In the aftermath, several prisoners were injured and three quarters of the prison was made uninhabitable. In January 2011, it was announced that HMP Ashwell was to close down in the March of that year, as the costs to completely repair and maintain the buildings was too high.


2 years later, Rutland County Council announced that the former prison owned by the Ministry of Justice, was bought by them and was to be converted into a business park, which became Oakham Enterprise Park. Three wings of the original prison still remain on the site, and are currently used for airsoft events and military training, while the other buildings were knocked down to make space for new business buildings.



Plenty of paranormal phenomena is reported at Ashwell Prison, from chilling echoes of past voices, to loud bangs and footsteps walking the corridors. At least 18 deaths have been recorded here during its tenure as a prison. There are a few ghosts that have been reported here, including an American soldier seen on the grounds, a dark entity in E Wing, the feeling of torment believed to be from a former inmate in F Wing, and the bizarre reports of children inside of G Wing.



Participate in this unique night of spooky ghost hunting with the Brookes Paranormal team as we attempt to communicate with the ghostly residents of Ashwell Prison.


On the night, you will be taking part in numerous Vigils and a variety of Experiments (both Scientific and Traditional). You will also have full use of some of the best Ghost Hunting Equipment used today, and be informed on how Paranormal Investigators use them to try and communicate with the afterlife.


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Refreshments Provided.

Parking at Event: Car Park on site.

18+ Only.

This Event is NOT SUITABLE for anyone with mobility issues.

This Event DOES include our Team Medium.




Ashwell Prison Ghost Hunt - Saturday 25th June 2022


DATE: Saturday 25th June 2022

TIME: 9:00pm - 3:00am

LOCATION: Oakham Enterprise Park Unit 9, Ashwell Road, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7TU

PARKING AT EVENT: Car Park on site.

REMAINING BALANCE: Needs to be paid FOUR WEEKS prior to the event date.


NOTE: Bringing alcohol or drugs to this event is strictly prohibited. If anyone arrives at the event under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will not be allowed to stay for the night and will be asked to leave immediately.