Join Brookes Paranormal for an EXCLUSIVE Ghost Hunt this Halloween at the haunted 17th Century Allington Manor, located on the outskirts of Nottinghamshire.


The site dates back to the Domesday Book, and has been passed on to different families across the generations, so it's no surprise visitors have seen ghosts here. But who exactly are these spirits that continue to stay at Allington Manor? Join us to find out.


**We also have very limited tickets for YOU to stay the night at Allington Manor until morning. That's right, we're offering the Ultimate Ghost Hunting Experience at this incredible historic location.

For £79.99, you get an Evening Meal, an EXCLUSIVE Ghost Hunt, an Overnight Stay in one of the haunted bedrooms, and a Full English Breakfast in the morning (Choose the 'Overnight Stay & Ghost Hunt' option). You will be able to choose your bedroom of choice prior to the event (on a first-booked basis).


**And as an option, you can bring your spouse/partner/friend to sleepover and ghost hunt with, at the additional cost of £59.99 (Choose the '+1 Overnight Stay & Ghost Hunt' option). Evening Meal and Breakfast is also included for them too.

Note: 2 people max allowed per bedroom. All rooms have double beds only.

**Overnight Stay Option is now SOLD OUT!


If you have any questions about this, get in touch either via our 'Contact Us' form on our website or via our Facebook page. Please make sure you book early to avoid disappointment.



The earliest record of the site dates back to the Domesday Book (1068), but sadly nothing of that original dwelling remains, although it's believed the Cellars may have been part of the original building. The oldest section of the present-day building, dates back to 1450, and now houses the Breakfast Room, Bar and Cellars below. The proprietor of Allington Manor at the time, owned a third of the village land. Then known as West Allington Manor, the house was passed on to many affluent yeoman farmers, before coming into possession by the Grant family, who were part of the larger Danby family in the 16th Century. The Grants bought Allington Hall and most of the village land by the mid-17th Century. In 1660, the Grant family built numerous extensions around the building, including the Dutch gables, the upstairs bedrooms and the dog-leg grand staircase to complete the unique house that stands today.


The property passed through two more generations before the family fell on hard times, and sold the Manor for £841 to a gentleman called Reverend Thomas Williamson. For two and a half centuries, the Manor House remained with the Williamson family, and then by marriage the Welby family. However during this time, the structure fell into disrepair and was left abandoned and uninhabited. It wasn't until 1948, when the property was purchased by Mr. Palin (No not that one) who saved it from ruin. The task of restoring the property to its former glory, was undertaken by the Vincent family in 1983, who are still the current proprietors of Allington Manor.



The ghost of a tall male has been sensed in the Lord's Bedroom, with an old portrait painting of a gentleman, whose eyes follow you around the room. In the Painting Room, an old mantlepiece clock chimes on its own, but there is one thing...   it doesn't work. Upstairs in the Footman's Bedroom, a dark angst spirit roams the old servant's quarters, angry about his sexuality secret being exposed to his community in his time. A grey lady has also been picked up in the servant's quarters. Poltergeist activity has been heard witnessed at this location, including doors opening and closing, and static energies are constantly felt on both the lower and upper floors.


Exclusive to Brookes Paranormal, you will be investigating the Manor's most haunted bedrooms, including the Lord's Bedroom, the Butler's Bedroom and the Maid's Bedroom. As well as this, you will also get to investigate the Foyer, the Breakfast Room and the infamously haunted Footman's Bedroom. PLUS! Get the chance to investigate the rest of the night with the Brookes Paranormal Team, or dare to sleepover in one of the 6 haunted bedrooms, at this very historic Manor House (A reminder that these places are strictly limited and are sold on a first-come-first-served basis, so make sure to book quickly to avoid disappointment).


Will we encounter members of the Grant family who loved this home? Who occupied the Manor in the 1450s? And what will we find lurking upstairs in the servant's quarters?



Participate in this unique night of spooky ghost hunting with the Brookes Paranormal team, as we attempt to communicate with the ghostly residents at Allington Manor. The history that this location has to offer is truly worth booking on this event alone. We always know where there is history, you often find ghosts. Are you brave enough to stay the night?


On the night, you will be taking part in numerous Vigils and a variety of Experiments (both Scientific and Traditional). You will also have full use of some of the best Ghost Hunting Equipment used today, and be informed on how Paranormal Investigators use them to try and communicate with the afterlife.


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Refreshments Provided.

Evening Meal Provided.

Breakfast is Included to those staying overnight.

Parking at Event: Car Park on site.

18+ Only.

This Event is NOT SUITABLE for anyone with mobility issues.

This Event DOES include our Team Mediums.






*EXCLUSIVE* Allington Manor Halloween Ghost Hunt - Friday 21st October 2022


DATE: Friday 21st October 2022

TIME: 7:00pm - 2:00am (Arrive 15 minutes early. Ghost Hunt will start at 8:00pm)

LOCATION: Allington Manor, Bottesford Road, Allington, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG32 2DH

PARKING AT EVENT: Car Park on site.

REMAINING BALANCE: Needs to be paid THREE WEEKS prior to the event date.


OVERNIGHT STAY: Those staying overnight, once the Ghost Hunt has finished, you will have the opportunity to continue investigating throughout the night, or try to sleep in one of Allington Manor's haunted bedrooms. Breakfast will be served in the morning at 9:00am. Leaving time is at 10:00am Saturday morning.


NOTE: Bringing alcohol or drugs to this event is strictly prohibited. If anyone arrives at the event under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they will not be allowed to stay for the night and will be asked to leave immediately.