Allegedly built in 1240, Ye Olde Salutation Inn has experienced many events, emotions and conflicts in its time. An old alehouse called 'The Archangel Gabriel Salutes The Virgin Mary' stood on these grounds before Ye Olde Salutation Inn was built, and this is where the pub gets its name from. The building was once used as a workshop for a Tanner and his fellow workers, with living accommodation for them located in the upstairs rooms. Borough Records from 1440 recorded a private dwelling on the site belonging to a gentlemen called John Alastre. During the English Civil War, both Royalists and Parliamentarians established recruting rooms in the Inn. Following the Parliamentarian victory, civic leaders objected to the religious implications of the sign, and the landlord at the time was given no choice but to rename the pub to the 'Soldier and Citizen'. This change didn't last, as in 1660 the original name was restored along with the Monarchy. Underneath this historic building are some of Nottingham's finest caves. These caves are carved out of natural sandstone, a great conductor of energy, and are dated back to the 9th Century when Anglo-Saxons roamed the Kingdom of England. Originally these caves were part of an Anglo-Saxon farm, and later used for servants' accommodation and brewing. 


There have been many ghost sightings at Ye Olde Salutation Inn, in both the building and the caves below. A highwayman has been seen at the ground floor bar, drinking away at his ale before vanishing into thin air. A dark entity has been felt and captured upstairs in 'The Attic'. The spirit of a former landlord named John has been reported in both the building and in the caves. Poltergeist activity has been known to frighten visitors and drinkers alike, with stones being thrown in the caves below. But more importantly, is the spirit of a young little girl, aged no more than 5 called Rosie, who was a street urchin on Hounds Gate during the Victorian period. No one truly knows why she haunts the caves and pub, but many investigators have suggested that she might have been murdered in the pub by the landlord at the time, and buried somewhere within the cave walls. Many staff members and visitors lay dolls, flowers and toys for Rosie every year, as a mark of love and respect to her.


Participate in this unique night of spooky ghost hunting with the Brookes Paranormal team as we attempt to communicate with the ghostly residents of Ye Olde Salutation Inn.


On the night, you will be taking part in numerous Vigils and a variety of Experiments (both Scientific and Traditional). You will also have full use of some of the best Ghost Hunting Equipment used today, and be informed on how Paranormal Investigators use them to try and communicate with the afterlife.


All payments are safely secured via PayPal.



Refreshments Provided.

Parking at Event: Trinity Square Car Park nearby/Some Parking Spaces on Castle Road.

18+ Only.

This Event is NOT SUITABLE for anyone with mobility issues.

This Event DOES NOT include a Guest Medium.



Ye Olde Salutation Inn Ghost Hunt - Saturday 10th October 2020

Payment Options
  • DATE: Saturday 10th October 2020

    TIME: 10:00pm - 6:00am

    LOCATION: Hounds Gate, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 6AJ

    REMAINING BALANCE: Needs to be paid TWO WEEKS prior to the event date.

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