Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem is a historic pub located in the old city of Nottingham. The pub claims to have been established in 1189 and is built into Castle Rock, shadowed below by Nottingham Castle. The pub is commonly associated with Richard The Lionheart, as his reign as King of England began in the same year. The pub features many rooms and caves carved into the sandstone of Castle Rock, and were originally used as a brewhouse for Nottingham Castle, dating from around the time of the construction of the Castle in 1067 by William The Conqueror. The oldest parts of the current building were constructed some time between 1650 and 1660, however a map created by English Cartographer and Historian John Speed shows a building was on the site in 1610. The building was used as an Inn in 1751 and was called 'The Pilgrim'. Records show that the name 'Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem' was first used in 1799. Many people believe the pub is named ‘Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem’ because pilgrims and folk made trips to Jerusalem from here. However, the definition of 'trip' in today's society is different to the old meaning centuries ago. The word 'trip' in this case doesn't mean to take a journey, but in fact means to have a stop or a rest on a journey.


In the Rock Lounge, lies an old dusty and mysterious Galleon. It is said that a witch in the dark arts cursed the Galleon, forbidding anyone to touch it without suffering the consequences of their actions. Interestingly, three former landlords attempted to clean the vessel, only for them to fall ill and die shortly after, with reasons unknown as to their cause of death. Over the years landlords have refused to allow anyone to clean the ship, and currently it is encased in glass. Does the witch's curse stand strong to this day?


The pub also houses another mysterious antique, which currently lies downstairs in Yorkey's Lounge. This antique is what is known as the 'Pregnancy Chair'. It is claimed that any woman who sits in the chair will significantly increase her chances of becoming pregnant. Sadly, so many women have sat in the chair over the years that the chair is now too weak to withstand human seating.


The ghost of former landlord George Henry Ward (nicknamed Yorkey) has been seen within the downstairs lounge, sitting in the corner with a pint in his hand. His ghost has been seen on so many occasions, the lounge is named after him.


The pub's cellars provide a dark and sinister look at Nottingham's medieval past. Down in the spookiest parts of the building is an old cock fighting pit, which was a popular form of entertainment during the middle ages, as well as a room which was said to have been part of the old Nottingham Castle Gaol.


Near the entrance of the pub is The Ward Room. It is named after the Ward family, various member of whom were the landlords of the Inn. Found within this room is one of England's oldest Inn games called 'Baiting the Bull'.


Upstairs is a small room called Mortimer's Room (sometimes called The Museum Room). Many visitors, punters and ghost hunters have picked up on the spirit of a knight in chainmail and armour, dawning the famous red and white colours of the Knights Templar. This knight loves to make his presence known, as he forces people to leave the area, shouting in Middle English and Old French. Anyone refusing to obey his orders, tend to feel sharp stabbing pains or get the feeling they have been pushed. Why does this knight still stick around? And is he attached to Nottingham Castle?


Participate in this unique night of spooky ghost hunting with the Brookes Paranormal team as we attempt to communicate with the ghostly residents of Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem this Halloween.


On the night, you will be taking part in numerous Vigils and a variety of Experiments (both Scientific and Traditional). You will also have full use of some of the best Ghost Hunting Equipment used today, and be informed on how Paranormal Investigators use them to try and communicate with the afterlife.


All payments are safely secured via PayPal.



Buffet & Refreshments Provided.

Parking at Event: Trinity Square Car Park nearby/Some Parking Spaces on Castle Road.

18+ Only.

This Event is NOT SUITABLE for anyone with mobility issues.

This Event DOES NOT include a Guest Medium.




Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem Halloween Ghost Hunt - Saturday 26th October 2019

Payment Options
  • DATE: Saturday 26th October 2019

    TIME: 12:00am - 5:00am

    LOCATION: 1 Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 6AD

    REMAINING BALANCE: Needs to be paid TWO WEEKS prior to the event date.

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