Victorian Nights with Brookes Paranormal

In 2020 Brookes Paranormal are launching our Brand New style of events for Ghost Hunters who want a classic investigating experience. These events are called 'Victorian Nights' and we'll be hosting these events at specific haunted locations catered for small guest numbers, so we bring you the best experience possible. With Victorian Nights, there will be NO FLASHY LIGHTS, NO SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT and NO NONSENSE. Victorian Nights are all about PURE, RAW and CLASSIC INVESTIGATING. During these events, Brookes Paranormal and Guests will be taking part in a variety of Victorian-style Vigils and Experiments, including Human Pendulums, Crystal Pendulums, Table Tipping, Observing & Note Taking, Mirror Scrying and of course our infamous Séance experience that will have you coming back for more. We will also be joined by Guest Mediums on some of these events. Have you and your friends ever wanted to have a go at experiencing the Paranormal? These events are perfect for friendship groups.

Dare YOU join Brookes Paranormal at one of our Victorian Nights?