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Booking and Event Information

Brookes Paranormal Events operate a ticketless booking system. That means that once you have booked and paid for your tickets, whether deposits, full payments or remaining balances, you will automatically be added onto our events register. You may receive a shipping email, but note this is a notification of payment only. Tickets won't be sent to your address.


Brookes Paranormal allow guests to make deposit payments on our events, as a way of securing places. These deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE once paid. Some events can be expensive and we understand not everyone can pay in full there and then, so we offer a £20 per person Deposit Payment for most of our events. Ticket prices reflect the cost of the deposits, and so some tickets may require a slightly higher deposit payment.

Remaining Balances

All remaining balances are to be paid FOUR weeks prior to the event date. The due date for remaining balance payments will be stated in the 'Important Information' section. If you fail to make payment for the remaining balance(s) after the due date, you will lose your place and your place will be put back on the market for resale. If you have any issues regarding remaining balances, contact us. Remaining Balances become NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE once we are FOUR weeks away from the event date, as venues have to be paid and there's little time to resell the ticket(s) on.

Full Payments (Update)

When booking a Full Ticket Payment with Brookes Paranormal, there's nothing else you need to do, until a week prior to the event date when we send out Full Information Emails. Unfortunately due to a number of individuals cancelling full payment tickets days before the events, we have made the following changes: Once a Full Ticket Payment has been made, you will have until FOUR WEEKS prior to the event date to request for a refund if you are unable to attend an event. After this point, Full Ticket Payments become NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE. This is because we have to account for venue payments, our business, topping up snacks and refreshments for the nights, travel and insurance costs, paying for equipment for you to use etc. We apologise if this is an inconvenience for our regular guests, but we still encourage our regular guests to get in touch should anything happen.

Notification of Payment

When you get to the 'Thank You For Booking With Us' page after completing your payment, a notification of your payment gets automatically sent to us and you'll be added to our payment register. A 'Shipping Confirmation' will also get sent to your email address to confirm booking, but please bare in mind we operate a ticketless system, so don't expect tickets to be shipped to your address. If you're still unsure on whether your payment has gone through, either message us on our Facebook page or contact us on here.

Full Information Emails (Update)

Brookes Paranormal used to send out full information emails for our events, which provide you with information such as event times, car parking options, things to bring and further event details. These were sent out roughly a week prior to the event date. However, we have now implemented new location pages which you will find on the 'Ghost Hunts A-Z' tab at the top, and on the selected location page you will find all the relevant event information near the bottom, so please read them.

Payments After The Deadline

When the Remaining Balance Deadline has passed you can still book on the event, however you will only have the 'Full Payment' option available to you. Once you have paid in full, you will be added to the event register and within 24 hours receive the Full Information Email from us. All payments will close at noon on the day of the event.

By booking with Brookes Paranormal, you acknowledge, understand and agree to these points as part of our terms and conditions. Thank you.

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