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Ghost Hunting FAQ's

What can you expect from us?

Brookes Paranormal are a professional and friendly team based in Nottingham, who have been investigating the paranormal for over 6 years. With their combined years of experience, Brookes Paranormal will ensure that you will be looked after and you will have an experience that you will never forget. Throughout the night, you will be informed on the Paranormal, bits of History and how Investigators go about conducting Vigils and Experiments.

What Vigils and Experiments will you take part in?

Brookes Paranormal offer a variety of Vigils and Experiments on their events. We will use an array of Victorian Techniques, such as Ouija Board, Glass Divination, Automatic Writing and even a traditional Victorian Séance. We also will be using a multitude of Scientific Equipment to help further confirm any activity that occurs. Furthermore, we enjoy conducting different Experiments based on the History of a location and based on reputable Hauntings.

What Equipment will you use?

Brookes Paranormal use  a variety of different Equipment when investigating the Paranormal. However, YOU TOO will be using all sorts of different Equipment when investigating the Paranormal. Brookes Paranormal use the following Equipment:

  • K2 Meters

  • Digital EMF Meters

  • Mel Meters

  • SLS Cameras (As Seen On Ghost Adventures)

  • P-SB7 Spirit Box

  • P-SB11 Spirit Box

  • EDI+

  • REM Pods

  • Temperature Guns

  • Thermal Imager

  • EVP Voice Recorders

  • Laser Grid Pens

  • Motion Sensors



Brookes Paranormal will be providing snacks and refreshments on the night of your event. This includes Chocolates, Crisps, Biscuits, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate and more. At Brookes Paranormal, we love taking care of our guests and ensure that they are well looked after.

What is the age limit for attending your events?

The age limit for Brookes Paranormal Ghost Hunts is 18 years and over. The age limit for Brookes Paranormal Ghost Walks is 16 years and over. For more information please read our 

Will there be a Medium on the night?

Most of Brookes Paranormal's events will include a Spiritualist Medium, as we have a couple on our team. If you are unsure which events feature a Medium, please read the event descriptions. 

What do you need to bring with you to the events?

First off, you will need to bring with you a Torch, as the areas and rooms in the location can get very dark when the lights go out. Additionally, make sure you bring a warm coat with you and wear warm, sensible clothing. Sensible footwear will also be required (no high heels).

Can you sleep at the events?

Unless advertised in the event description, NO we do not provide any sleeping facilities at our events. Our events involve being awake all night.

Will you see a Ghost?

You might do, but then again you might not. The Paranormal unfortunately doesn't just happen on command and therefore we cannot guarantee Paranormal Activity will occur on the night. Rest assured, Brookes Paranormal will do their very best to entice, invite and bring forward spirits to interact and communicate with them and the guests on the night.

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