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Over the years, Brookes Paranormal have been featured in different online media outlets, magazines, radio shows and paranormal streaming series, discussing various topics from what got us interested with the Paranormal to our favourite most haunted locations, providing opinions on paranormal subjects like orbs, ghost hunting events and spiritual activity, conducting mediumship readings to the public, and taking part in paranormal investigation filming. Below is a list of different medias that we've been featured in:

  • Nottinghamshire Live

  • Take-A-Break: Fate & Fortune Magazine

  • The Paranormal Investigator (streaming series)

  • Pure Paranormal Radio Show

  • The Paranormal Concept Radio Show

Do you work for a media outlet like a local online newspaper, social media news outlet or online blog? Perhaps you'd like to write an article about our paranormal events team, or come and join us on a ghost hunting event and write a piece about your experience with us? Or maybe you're part of a radio show, streaming series or television programme? Fill in our contact form below to get in touch!

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