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Terms and Conditions


In addition to our regular terms and conditions we have added additional information with regards to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. These are additional T & C's that are in force with immediate effect. 

1. We will encourage all guests to wear face masks after the 19th July 2021 (If you are exempt from wearing one please bring your medical exemption lanyard on the night). This is for everyone's safety and protection on the night of our event. There are many locations we host public events that cannot give adequate ventilation as required in an indoor setting, to keep everyone safe. 

2. All guests will have there temperature's checked outside the venue on arrival. This is for everyone's safety on the night, all temperature's  will be recorded. If you arrive and you have a temperature we will ask you to leave immediately. We will get in touch with you the following day to sort out transferring your ticket to another event. 

3. Could all guests please ensure you bring your vaccine card with you on the evening for each public event, to show a member of staff on the door at the venue, when you arrive.  This is purely for our peace of mind, and for all our guests who will be attending the event with you. 

4. We would encourage all guests to take a lateral flow test at least 48 hours prior to the event you are attending. This is again for all our everyone's safety. If in the eventuality your lateral flow test reads positive, it's important you report this to us ASAP. DO NOT attend the event under any circumstances. We will transfer your ticket to another event of your choice up to the value of your ticket you purchased. If you cannot make any dates on any other events, we will issue you with a credit note to the value of your ticket price. This will be valid for up to one year from the date of issue. 

5. We will also be taking all the usual necessary precautions including providing hand santiser gel that you can use throughout the event. We will provide antibacterial hand wash gel in each of the toilets for our guests use only. We will also be using dry anti bacterial spray in each room we are in on the night. Each room will be sprayed in between each group. There will be one member of the team for each group that will be designated for using an antibacterial wipe to open and close doors as well as dry spraying each room with antibacterial spray. This will reduce the amount of people having to touch door handles within each group and reduce the risks with regards to Covid-19. 

By purchasing a ticket via the Brookes Paranormal website or via the Brookes Paranormal Facebook page means that all attendees have agreed to these terms and conditions of sale.

1] All Brookes Paranormal Events are for attendees aged 18 years and over, with exception to some Ghost Walks being aged 16 minimum. Adult language may be occasionally heard, but we do our best to keep professional. Should you be easily offended please do not book.


2] Some locations for our events may not be suitable for guests with disabilities or mobility issues. We at Brookes Paranormal value all of our customers and aim for every event to be as accessible as possible, but unfortunately some venues don’t make this feasible and we do have to ensure that the safety of our guests is put first. If you’re unsure on what events may not be suitable for people with disabilities or mobility issues, read through the event description to find out.


3] Heavily pregnant women are NOT allowed to attend any of our events due to restrictions at our locations and risk factors.


4] Each guest will need to act responsibly and respectfully towards others. You will NOT cause harm or injury to anyone else or put yourself or any others in danger. Furthermore, you will respect the event and location and will behave accordingly. Lastly, when the event is finished you will ensure that you will respect the wishes of nearby residents when leaving the event, given the time of night.


5] Anyone that arrives to one of our events under the influence of alcohol or drugs will NOT be allowed into the event and will be removed from the event immediately, regardless of travel or weather conditions. Anyone that arrives to one of our events and are suspected of bringing alcoholic beverages or any drugs that aren’t medically prescribed by a doctor to the event, will also be removed from the event immediately. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN!


6] Brookes Paranormal DO NOT allow smoking indoors at any of our locations or any other potential fire hazards. This includes candles, matches and lighters. Smoking and Vaping is only permitted outside of locations in designated smoking areas. We will not be using any real candles at the locations due to fire safety, unless permission is granted by the venue owner.


7] There are NO sleeping facilities at any of our locations, unless advertised in the event description on our website.


8] All of our advertised events on this website and on our Facebook page are for Public Ghost Hunts. For health and safety reasons, you will stay with your allocated group throughout the night and will NOT be allowed leave the group. We may offer some free time during the event, but this depends on the venue and the owner’s wishes.


9] All equipment, luggage, clothing, vehicles and other items belonging to you or your party are your own responsibility. Brookes Paranormal will not be liable for any damage to or loss of equipment, luggage, clothing, vehicles and other items belonging to guests before, during and after the event. This includes any damage or loss that may be caused by any spiritual or poltergeist activity during the event.


10] Guests are allowed to bring their cameras with them on our events, for taking photographs of the event or the location. However, some venues may not want cameras being used inside the building or during the event and we will state these conditions in the event description if the venue owner informs us. Guests may also film some of the event if they would like to. Live Feeds or Livestreams by guests are NOT allowed during the event for the purpose of other client’s privacy.


11] By Booking with Brookes Paranormal, you agree that all video footage and photographs taken during the event by Brookes Paranormal can be used by Brookes Paranormal, for Brookes Paranormal’s Website and Brookes Paranormal’s Social Media. If you DO NOT wish to participate with the group photograph at the end of the event, or during the event, please let a team member know.


12] Brookes Paranormal will try to find any potential hazards or problems at a location, in order to eliminate them before the event begins. However, due to the nature of locations we cannot foresee every problem or hazard and accidents/incidents do happen. We greatly advise you to stay with your group during the event and your visit to the location. You are staying at the location at your own risk; we accept no liability for any accident, injury or death, however caused. Although Brookes Paranormal has its own public liability insurance, some of our policies may not be covered since some of the location boundaries are beyond normal public access categories. Because of this, we do encourage all of our guests to have their own third party public liability insurance just to be safe.


13] Brookes Paranormal makes no guarantees of paranormal activity at any of our events, and as such are not responsible for any activity/information or lack of during the event. We will do our up-most best to try and engage in the night to hopefully increase the chances of activity using our techniques, equipment, experience and knowledge. Any predictions, information, advice, opinions or comments made by our Hosts, Assistants and Guest Mediums should NOT necessarily be interpreted as factual or true.


14] You, the guest, are responsible for making your own decisions and it is understood that when our Hosts, Assistants or Guest Mediums suggest something to you, it is of their opinion and should NOT be interpreted as the only course of action.


15] Any Brookes Paranormal event due to take place partially or entirely outside is likely to be affected by cold/adverse weather conditions. With this in mind, Brookes Paranormal reserves the right to relocate the event to an area with shelter. All of our events take place on the set time and date, unless stated otherwise. It is your responsibility to bring suitable clothing parallel to the weather conditions for the night or seasonal conditions, for ANY event booked whether under the comfort of shelter or out in the open. Brookes Paranormal will always work towards making sure every event goes ahead as planned. Should any event booked need be cancelled because of unsuitable weather conditions, all customers would be notified.


16] Events hosted by Brookes Paranormal DO NOT include accommodation or over night stays, unless stated in the event description. In the case of possible tiredness caused by the event, we suggest you either secure nearby accommodation following the event or organise transportation home. We DO NOT accept any responsibility for any accidents/incidents caused before, during or after the event. Severe tiredness does kill, so make sure to look after your own well being first.


17] Please note that all stories about the location told by Hosts and Assistants of Brookes Paranormal are not invented or made-up. Brookes Paranormal have on occasion witnessed, experienced and recorded paranormal activity in various locations around the country. Once again, we CANNOT guarantee that any paranormal activity will take place on the night of the event, and not every event will include a Guest Medium. Brookes Paranormal enjoy informing guests about the history of the location and everything stated by the team regarding the location’s past is fact and has been thoroughly researched using multiple sources and history texts.


18] Brookes Paranormal are expectant of you to respect the location, the spirits that may reside at the location and the other guests involved in the event. Please be open minded in your approach to the event, as sometimes being openly cynical and dismissive will hurt and ruin the event for everyone else. Do take part in the event, after all this your chance to experience what it is like to be a real ghost hunter and every event is unique. If nothing happens, then nothing happens, but at least attempt to put as much energy and enthusiasm into the night. We are very confident that if you get involved, you will have a good and fun time.


19] All prices for tickets are subject to change without notice. Promotional or sale offers may or may not be given throughout the year and prices on these offers may vary from the original price. Promotional or sale offers will NOT be given or offered to customers who have already purchased or paid before or after these offers, promotions or sales expire.


20] Brookes Paranormal welcomes your feedback on all of our events. If there is a complaint during the event or an issue before the event begins, please inform us and bring it to our attention as soon as possible by contacting one of our Hosts. We will do our very best to put matters right and to arrange a solution. If your problem or complaint is not resolved during the event or beforehand, please contact us and include your name/party name, the event that you have booked on and the venue details. If you take no action during the event or do not contact us within the sufficient time of at least 48 hours after the event or before the event, we will consider your complaint or issue invalid and unreasonable.


21] All bookings made through Brookes Paranormal means that you and your party accept these Terms and Conditions and will abide by them. By accepting and agreeing with these Terms and Conditions, you and your party are further indemnifying the organisers/promoters/individuals from and against all legal liability in respect of any damages, losses, costs, claims, actions, demands, proceedings, expenses or any kind of legal suits in respect of or issuing out of the injury to or the death of any person, or persons, or damage to any property originating from the guest’s involvement and participation in the event or activity or premises connecting to the event.





Any offers, discount codes or sale prices are for both deposit bookings and full priced events. Offers and sales may or may not be available throughout the year. Offers and sales are available for a LIMITED TIME only, so keep looking at both the Brookes Paranormal website and Brookes Paranormal Facebook page for any announcements regarding offers and sales on our Ghost Hunt events.


Any discount codes given are a ONE-TIME use only for a one night Ghost Hunt event and are valid for up to 12 months from the moment you receive one. Discounts can be accepted via online booking through our Brookes Paranormal website or through our Brookes Paranormal Facebook page using the private messaging system. We will have a full document on what codes are valid and what codes are not, so any client attempting at providing a forged code will be turned down and given the option of either paying the full price or leaving the transaction and event booking.


Any offers, discount codes or sale prices DO NOT apply to any final balance payments and/or gift card purchases.


If you are booking via the Brookes Paranormal website, any offers, discount codes or sale prices MUST be applied at the checkout at the time of booking. Should the offer, discount code or sale price NOT be applied at the time of booking, the offer, discount or sale price CANNOT be given after the order has been purchased.


If you are booking via the Brookes Paranormal Facebook page using the private messaging system, again any offers, discount codes or sale prices MUST be applied as a message to us before payment at the time of booking. If you DO NOT message us the with the offer, discount code or sale price before payment is made and you proceed with payment, we CANNOT accept the offer, discount code or sale price for that order.


Brookes Paranormal reserves the right to advertise any promotional offers and discount codes via our social media sites (Brookes Paranormal's Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, YouTube channel and TikTok account). We only have ONE Facebook page (@BrookesParanormal), ONE Twitter account (@BrookesParaUK), ONE Instagram account (@brookes_paranormal), ONE YouTube channel (/BrookesParanormal) and ONE TikTok account (@brookes_paranormal), and these are our ONLY social media sites.




Brookes Paranormal do sell Gift Cards during the month of December ONLY (Not including December 2017). There are currently three different types of Brookes Paranormal Gift Cards: Echo, Enchanted and Elite.


  • The Echo Gift Card is worth £20

  • The Enchanted Gift Card is worth £30

  • The Elite Gift Card is worth £50


All Gift Cards are non-refundable, and change will NOT be given if a Gift Card is not fully used or a remaining balance is present. Gift Cards are ONLY valid for 12 months from the time of purchase. Gift Cards CANNOT be reissued if you misplace them, so try not to lose them and please keep them secure. No exchanges or extended dates can be offered if the Gift Card is not used within the valid from and valid to dates shown on the Gift Card. Please note that Brookes Paranormal Gift Cards are a digital item and NOT a physical gift card commonly found in retailers. Gift Cards can only be purchased via the Brookes Paranormal website.




ALL deposit payments are non-refundable regardless of any circumstances. If you pay a deposit for one of our events and then pay off the remaining balance, but for some understandable circumstance you can’t make the event and request us for a refund, we can only provide a refund for the remaining balance. You can only a request a refund up to a week before the event takes place (not including the same day a week before), as we have to pay the venues for hire, top up on snacks/refreshments etc. We’ll also be organising groups, areas and plans for the night at that stage. Any refund requests that's less than a week prior to the event date (including the same day of the week before) WILL NOT be accepted. We DO NOT transfer costs of an order to any other event.

Full Ticket Payments can only be refunded until FOUR WEEKS prior to the event date (not including the same day four weeks before), as we will need enough time to resell your place(s) in order to cover costings for the venue, the event, the team etc. Full Ticket Payments become NON-REFUNDABLE after this cut-off point.




Brookes Paranormal reserve the right to cancel an event at any given time for any reason at our own discretion, especially if an event does not reach its full selling capacity. Should we have to cancel an event, we will notify and contact you as soon as possible – we will either offer you a full refund of any money paid by you (including any deposits) or move your booking to another available date/event, the choice is up to you. Please note each event price differs and if there is an additional cost, the extra cost must be paid for. Brookes Paranormal DO NOT have any liability to you and WILL NOT be liable for any expenses paid for external accommodation bookings and travel costs.




ALL deposit payments are non-refundable. Every event hosted by Brookes Paranormal will require a deposit at minimum which is used to secure your place(s) for the event, however the final balance payment MUST be made no later than 2 weeks prior to the event, unless stated as 3 weeks or 4 weeks as shown on the advertised event details. If the final balance is not paid by the due date requested, Brookes Paranormal reserve the right to not only retain any deposit payment already received but to also add your place(s) back onto the market for general sale.




Throughout the event you and your party will behave and act sensibly. Throughout the event you and your party will NOT cause harm or injury to any host/guest/assistant/guest medium, any animal or any part of the property. Any aggressive, rude, threatening and intimidating behaviour towards any member of the Brookes Paranormal team, assistants, guest mediums or guests attending any event WILL NOT be tolerated or allowed. Any guest causing any behaviour that is deemed unacceptable will immediately be removed from the event, regardless of adverse weather conditions and/or travel arrangements. Likewise, any silly or childish behaviour happening on the event by any of our guests will too immediately be removed from the event. You are entitled to be a sceptic/cynic without the need of ruining the experience for others who equally have paid. You will also NOT be given a refund, should any of these behaviour rules be broken.


These Terms and Conditions are subject to change and Brookes Paranormal reserves the right to amend these at any time without notice. By booking with Brookes Paranormal, you acknowledge, understand and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Thank you.

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