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Hangings, Suicides and Ghosts. Those are three words to describe Shrewsbury Prison. The Prison is a Grade II listed building that dates back to 1793, replacing the previous Medieval Dana Gaol. Hundreds of men, women and children were imprisoned here, with numerous public and private executions that took place. As many as 5 people were hanged each day at one point, with the building being the most haunted location in Shrewsbury. Dark shadow figures, poltergeist activity and a ghostly Grey Lady are all reported here. Dare you investigate and sleepover inside the sinister Shrewsbury Prison? For more info on Shrewsbury Prison events, click here.


PRICE: £64pp - £20 deposit option available*

BREAKFAST BAPS: £3 per person - Your FIRST CHOICE on initial booking will be the one you will get the following morning

DATE: Saturday 15th June 2024

TIMES: 9:30pm - 4:00am / Sleepover until 8:00am

LOCATION: Shrewsbury Prison, Shrewsbury, Shropshire


*Deposit available only until 4 weeks prior to event date.


All payments are safely secured via PayPal and Debit/Credit Card.



Refreshments Provided.

Remaining Balance(s): Due FOUR WEEKS prior to the event date. Failure to pay your remaining balance before this deadline will result in you forfeiting your places and your places will be sold on.

Parking at Event: Small Car Park opposite the Prison, Shrewsbury Howard Street Station Car Park and Local Street Parking. Please note parking charges may apply.

18+ Only.

This Event ISN'T SUITABLE for anyone with mobility issues.

This Event DOES include our Team Mediums.




Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Hunt & Sleepover - Saturday 15th June 2024

  • Your night of ghost hunting with Brookes Paranormal is guaranteed to be a fun, safe and spooky one. Experience this historic location with exclusive access after dark, as you explore the eerie rooms and areas in search for the ghostly spirits that haunt here.


    Here at Shrewsbury Prison, you will get to investigate the whole of A-Wing featuring 4 floors of cells, the whole of C-Wing featuring the Haunted Cell 203, the Execution Room, the Chapel and Visitors Rooms, the Governors Office and Chief Officer Rooms, and the Exercise Yard where numerous unmarked graves are located underneath (weather permitted).


    Our team are friendly, professional, approachable and knowledgeable with paranormal investigating, and we will guide and support you to make sure you get the most out of your investigation. Whether you're a paranormal novice or an experienced investigator, you'll be well-looked after and treated like family. This is an honest ghost hunting experience, so there won't be any fakery or trickery during the night. We believe that if activity happens, it happens for real.

    On your ghost hunt, you will be split into smaller groups to give you the best, personal experience possible. You will also get hands on with various pieces of ghost hunting equipment, such as K2s, REM Pods, Spirit Boxes and Detectors, and participate in interesting paranormal experiments such as Table Tipping, Ouija Boards and the Estes Method.

    You will also have a couple of breaks throughout the night, where we provide you with unlimited refreshments and snacks. After 3:30am, we will begin the night's sleepover, where you will have the choice of sleeping in base room, or if you're brave enough sleep in the haunted A-Wing

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