Brookes Paranormal is a family Paranormal Team based in Nottingham. We delve into Britain's historical past and investigate Britain's most haunted locations, in search of the afterlife.

We've been interested in the Paranormal field for well over a decade, ever since Most Haunted hit our screens back in 2002. Whether you love them or hate them, it's what got us into the Paranormal. We began investigating for ourselves nearly 2 years ago, in October 2016. Since then, we've experienced plenty of unexplained phenomena and have learned so much about communicating and collecting evidence of the paranormal. We started collecting our own equipment around April 2017 and have since gone on to own a variety of EMF meters, ITC instruments, Night Vision Camcorders and more. In June 2017, we started documenting our investigations and made episodic-like videos for our family and followers to watch and discuss. As of December 2017, Brookes Paranormal announced that we will be hosting our own public ghost hunts (Non-Profit Organization) throughout 2018, and into the future. We have numerous events happening in 2018, including a Halloween Night Special at one of our most loved venues, Ye Olde Salutation Inn in Nottingham. Currently we have investigated over 30 locations across the country and will continue to investigate more locations as we progress onward. Who knows, we might be investigating with you.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so where does it go when we die? There are more things in this Heaven and Earth, than we can ever possibly imagine in our philosophy.

"Here's something to think about. When astronomers looked into the night sky 400 years ago through their telescopes, they saw stars millions and millions of light years across. But what they failed to realise, is what they were seeing in the night sky weren't stars, they were ghosts; ghosts of something that once existed." - Jordan W. Brookes

Meet The Team

The Brookes Paranormal Team began with three members and now currently has five members. Each member of the team have their own expertise and knowledge within the Paranormal field.

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Jordan Brookes

Jordan is a Co-Founder of Brookes Paranormal and is one of our Lead Investigators. He has been interested in the Paranormal for over a decade and has always wondered if there is life after death. The first ghost hunt he ever went on, he saw the apparition of a Victorian woman at the Galleries of Justice, and since then he has believed in ghosts. "While I do believe in ghosts, I like to keep an open mind and try to find rational explanations for things. If I find no good reason, then I lean towards activity being Paranormal."

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Lynda Brookes

Lynda is a Co-Founder of Brookes Paranormal and is one of our Lead Investigators. Lynda has believed in ghosts since she was a child, when she saw a male apparition. Since then, she has craved to see, learn and understand more about the afterlife and spirit world. She is also a Sensitive Medium, which means she can sense, hear and feel spirit energy within a location. If you have any questions about the spirit world or want guidance, Lynda will help you.

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Mark Attenborough

Mark has been interested in the Paranormal for as long as he can remember. His Mother had a connection with spirits and because of this, his interest in the Paranormal Field begun. Mark has been doing investigations for about 15 years and has been all over the country to different locations. Mark often picks up on children spirits within a location. He also, on occasions, has done some Healing. 

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Katrina Woodward

Katrina has always been sensitive to the Paranormal with the gift of feeling, smelling and hearing a spirits presence. She has always experienced a feeling of being pulled and also being connected to locations with the feelings of déjà vu. She is also very knowledgeable of History and Social History. She is a friendly and approachable person.

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Natasha Barrett

I've always sensed spirits from a young age but I was a bit fearful and confused by what I felt and saw. I've even seen full apparitions whilst young and over the last few years things have seemed to have stepped up a little. I am no longer fearful, but I have a wish to understand more and help others to do the same. I started as a guest with Brookes Paranormal some years ago, so I feel honoured to be part of the team in giving guests the same great experiences I had. I go to spiritualist church and development group as well as I can see, sense, feel, smell and even sometimes hear spirit. I'm working to develop this a lot more. X

Who Have We Worked With?

Phil Whyman

Phil Whyman is a Paranormal Investigator and Television Star. He is well known to fans and Investigators alike for being one of many Parapsychologists on the hit TV series Most Haunted. He has also appeared on other shows, including Scream Team from back in 2001 and Are You Haunted? from 2019. In October 2017, Brookes Paranormal had the chance to work alongside Phil and his team at the Galleries Of Justice in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.

Richard Felix

Richard Felix is a Paranormal Historian and also owner of Derby Gaol. He is also well known to fans and Investigators alike for being the prominent Historian on the hit TV series Most Haunted. He has also presented and featured in a number of documentaries, which includes his 'Ghosts of...' series, where he toured around Britain telling infamous Ghost Stories. Richard has also written and published a book titled 'What Is A Ghost?'. In November 2017, Brookes Paranormal had the chance to work alongside Richard by investigating both Derby Gaol and Vernon Gate Gaol in Derby, Derbyshire.   

Most Haunted

Most Haunted is the UK's leading and longest running Paranormal Show. First aired in 2002 on Living TV, Most Haunted has aired on television for over 16 years, spanning across a total of 21 Seasons with its 22nd Season releasing later this year. In September 2017, Brookes Paranormal had the opportunity to investigate with Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell at Codnor Castle Cottage in Codnor, Derbyshire. Fun Fact, Stuart did some camera work on behalf of Brookes Paranormal when filming there.

Neil Cook

Neil Cook is a Renowned Psychic Medium in the North of England who has appeared on Showcase TV and featured in the show 'Ghosts of Britain'. Neil joined Brookes Paranormal as a Special Guest Medium at our Ye Olde Salutation Inn Halloween Ghost Hunt back in 2018.

Colette McArdle 

Colette McArdle is a known Medium in the Merseyside area. She has investigated a number of haunted locations around the country, picking up on many spirits that want to come forward. She is also a good friend of Brookes Paranormal.

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Ian Lawman

Ian Lawman is a Spiritual Medium who has starred on paranormal shows like 'Most Haunted',

'Living With The Dead', 'Haunting Australia', 'Ghost Chasers', and most recently 'Help! My House Is Haunted'. Back in 2019, Ian Lawman joined Brookes Paranormal as a Special Guest Medium on a Ghost Hunt at Holme Pierrepont Hall in Nottinghamshire.

Tom Warrington

Tom Warrington is a Paranormal Investigator and Radio Host of The Pure Paranormal Radio Show. He is also a Researcher and Paranormal Writer. Tom joined us on our National Civil War Museum Ghost Hunt back in August 2018, and from there he hosted an episode of his 'Pure Paranormal' Radio Show LIVE from the event.