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Dudley Castle Ghost Hunts



Dudley Castle
Dudley, West Midlands


Dudley Castle located in the West Midlands is a site full of fascinating history lasting more than a thousand years, with changing families, royal and noble connections, a fearsome fire and many accounts of ghost sightings. From the apparition of Dorothy Beaumont also known as the Grey Lady, and ghostly hooded monks, to male presences and loud taps, bangs and footsteps. Are you brave enough to investigate the paranormal here on Castle Hill?



Dudley Castle was built in 1070 by Ansculf de Picquigny, but according to antiquarian William Camden, a wooden castle or fort was built here in circa 700 AD by a Mercian Duke named Dodo or Doddo.

Ansculf was a French Baron who came over to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. He was granted permission to build the first castle here in 1070. The Domesday Book records Ansculf's son William possessing the castle. The only remains of this original castle is the motte that the present-day Keep stands on. In the early 1100s the Castle went into possession of the Paganel family, who built the first stone castle on this site. The Castle was strong enough to hold off a siege in 1136 against King Stephen's forces, but a short time after, Gervase Paganel was involved in a failed rebellion against King Henry II, and the stone castle was slighted (demolished) as a result.

The next dynasty at Dudley Castle would be the Somery family, when Gervase's nephew Ralph de Somery I succeeded him in 1194. In 1262, Roger de Somery II began construction of the second stone castle, but by the time of his death 10 years later, the castle was far from completion. Construction continued into the 14th Century, and the Keep and Gatehouse we see today dates back to this period. The Somery male line ended in 1321 when John Somery died. It is thought the Castle was finished by this date. The Castle went into possession of John's sister Margaret and her husband John de Sutton, and their family members subsequently took on the surname of Dudley. Margaret and John possessed the Castle for a good few years, but was soon seized from them by Hugh Despenser the Younger, a favourite of King Edward II. Hugh Despenser only hand the Castle for about a year, until Edward II fell from power and Margaret and John returned here in 1327. A Chapel and Chamber was added to the Castle during the ownership of their son Sir John de Sutton II. After his death, the land passed on to his wife Isabel, who was the daughter of John de Charlton, 1st Baron Charlton of Powys, until her death in 1397.

During the Tudor period in 1532, another John Sutton is documented as inheriting the Castle and land, but was ousted in 1537 by one of his relatives John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland. John Dudley was the great-grandson of John Sutton, 1st Baron Dudley, and rose to prominence during the reign of King Henry VIII. Around 1540, he ordered a new range of buildings within the Castle walls, architected by William Sharington who was influenced by the Italian Renaissance. Therefore these new buildings were referred to as the Sharington Range.


In 1553, the boy King Edward VI died, and in his Will he nominated Lady Jane Grey (sometimes called Lady Dudley) as his successor to the throne. Jane was the great-granddaughter of Henry VII, and married in May of the same year to Lord Guildford Dudley, the younger son of John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland. John supported Jane as Queen of England, but when she was arrested and later executed at the Tower of London in February 1554 along with her husband, John Dudley was also executed for treason on 22nd August 1553. The Castle returned to the Sutton family during the reign of Queen Mary I, under the ownership of Edward Sutton, 4th Baron Dudley. On 11th August 1575, Queen Elizabeth I visited Dudley Castle, and a decade later it was greatly considered as a possible place of imprisonment for Mary Queen of Scots. However, the Sutton family weren't to live here for much longer, as Edward's son Edward Sutton III was the last of the male line to possess the Castle after falling into financial difficulties, and marrying off his granddaughter and heiress Frances Sutton to Humble Ward, the son of a wealthy Goldsmith.

Amidst the English Civil War, Dudley Castle was a Royalist stronghold and was garrisoned by Colonel Thomas Leveson. The Castle was besieged by Parliamentary forces in 1644, and eventually surrendered on 13th May 1646. The Castle was then partly slighted once more, to prevent the fortifications being used again, and it's the ruins of the Keep and nearby areas that we see today. Some of the habitable buildings remained and were occasionally used by the Earls of Dudley.

A stable block was constructed on the site some time before the year 1700, and would be the final building to be constructed in the Castle. In 1750, terror arose when a huge fire broke out at the Castle, destroying most of the habitable buildings. In the 19th Century the site became known as a 'Romantic Ruin', and the Earls of Dudley spent plenty of years tidying and clearing the site up of debris. Battlements were reconstructed on one of the remaining towers of the Keep, and two cannons captured during the Crimean Wars were installed. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the site was used for gatherings and pageants, and in 1937, the Dudley Zoo was established, with the Castle grounds incorporated into the Zoo. On 24th June 1994, Queen Elizabeth II visited Dudley Castle.

On 31st October 2002, the first ever Most Haunted Live took place at Dudley Castle, featuring the likes of Yvette Fielding, Derek Acorah and Richard Felix, with about 500 avid fans seated on the central grounds.



Dudley Castle is one of the most haunted locations in all of the UK. Over 1,500 ghost sightings have been reported here of the past century, and with the Castle's rich and enchanting history, it's easy to see why.

Dudley Castle's most famous ghost is that of the Grey Lady, strongly believed to be Dorothy Beaumont, a woman who lived in the Castle and died on 26th April 1646. She walks the castle grounds and is often seen around Halloween. She has been generally seen on the steps by the Tower Keep and also in the ruins of the Kitchen area. There are a couple of stories as to how she died: one story says she died in childbirth, while another story says that she committed suicide by hanging herself off the Tower Keep with her black cat also found dead below her. Ghost hunters throughout the years have captured grey mists and even her full-bodied apparition.

In the Undercroft, formerly the Castle's Crypt, disembodied voices are heard, and the ghost of John de Somery haunts this room, sending investigators and visitors running and screaming out the door. Interestingly the Undercroft houses two stone coffins, with one being broken in two pieces. One ghost story occurred on a busy bank holiday many years ago, when a cleaner came into the Undercroft to hoover up, as this room was carpeted. As she knelt down to hoover, she looked up and saw a pair of legs wearing big black boots. The poor lady was so frightened she didn't stick around to watch the whole apparition develop and scarpered out the door terrified and shook. Was this John de Somery making his presence known?

Ghostly monks dressed in black cloaks have been seen wandering the castle grounds, with one account saying a group of monks were seen walking together with their hooded heads facing down. Nearby the Castle was an old Cluniac priory, and this is why these apparitions are sometimes seen.

In the Cottage, the ghosts of a two females and a male have been sensed and acknowledged here. There is a factual story of a young daughter who was pregnant out of wedlock, who was strangled to death by her father in the Cottage to avoid shame being put on the family. After he committed this horrific murder, he then hanged himself in the Cottage, and his sister also hanged herself, unable to come to terms of what her brother had done. All three are believed to haunt the Cottage, which is now used as the Castle's main office.

In the Castle Creatures and History Rooms (Sharington Range), taps and loud bangs are commonly heard in those areas, with footsteps walking above despite the fact there's no floor above, only ruins.

Dark shadows are reported on site too. Where the sand pit area is near the Cottage, that was the site of a plague pit dated back to the 14th Century. Also the site was used for mining limestone which makes up most of the castle ruins, and many men would've died from stone collapse and other means.



Your night of ghost hunting with Brookes Paranormal is guaranteed a fun, safe and spooky one. Experience this historic location with exclusive access after dark, as you explore the eerie rooms and areas in search for the ghostly spirits that haunt here. Here at Dudley Castle, you will get to investigate the Undercroft, the Tower Keep, the Castle Creatures and History Rooms, the Castle Courtyard, the Gatehouse and Cottage, and the Kitchen (unfortunately due to stone fall, the Kitchen is currently off limits).

Our team are friendly, professional, approachable and knowledgeable with paranormal investigating, and we will guide and support you to make sure you get the most out of your investigation. We welcome everyone from all walks of life, as our events are a safe space for all who love and enjoy the thrill of ghost hunting. Whether you're a paranormal novice or an experienced investigator, you'll be well-looked after and treated like family.

This is an honest ghost hunting experience, so there won't be any fakery or trickery during the night. We believe that if activity happens, it happens for real.

On your ghost hunt, you will be split into smaller groups to give you the best, personal experience possible. You will also get hands on with various pieces of ghost hunting equipment and participate in interesting paranormal experiments.
​ While we encourage everyone
to get involved in the night's vigils, you don't have to partake in experiments like Ouija Boards and the Estes Method if you don't
want to, we have plenty of other equipment for you to use.

You will also have a couple of breaks throughout the night, where we provide you with unlimited refreshments and snacks.



  • Group photo of all guests which gets published to our page

  • Small group extended vigils

  • Refreshments and snacks like teas, coffees, hot chocolates,
    bottles of water, biscuits, crisps and chocolate bars

  • Full use of ghost hunting equipment like K2s, EMF Meters,
    REM Pods, Mel Meters, Spirit Boxes, Cat Balls, Motion Detectors,
    Dowsing Rods, Laser Grid Pens, ITC Apps and SLS Cameras

  • Paranormal experiments like Ouija Boards, Glass Divination,
    Table Tipping, S
    éances, Estes Method and Human Pendulum

  • An introduction to ghost hunting equipment and techniques
    for guests new to the paranormal



  • All attendees MUST be 18 years or older

  • Heavily pregnant women are NOT allowed on these events

  • This location is NOT wheelchair accessible

  • This location has NO sleepover facilities

  • We operate a STRICT No Alcohol/Drugs Policy on our events, and if caught or believed to be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, you will be removed from the event immediately and banned from all future events - No refunds

  • All attendees MUST bring a torch to the event, as we will be investigating in dark areas and low light conditions

  • Sensible footwear is required for the location's environmental conditions

  • In the colder months we advise to wear warm layered clothing, and bring a warm coat with you as the night will get cooler as the event progresses

  • History tours ARE provided at this location courtesy of the Castle staff

  • Ouija Boards are brought to events at this location, however we don't force you to take part in them

  • Please ensure you are able to attend this event; deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable, and full payments and remaining balances are non-refundable and non-transferable
    four weeks prior to the event date


ADDRESS: Dudley Zoo and Castle, Castle Hill, Dudley, West Midlands DY1 4QF

EVENT TIMES: 9:00pm - 3:00am (arrive at exactly 8:30pm and wait at the green gates at the Zoological Drive Car Park until a member of staff is there)


We will be driving up to the Castle together at 8:30pm so please arrive on time as gates will close after this time and you will miss out. After the event has finished, there may be a 10 minute waiting time where both the team, staff and guests will exit the Castle site together via the green gates at The Fellows Pub. This is because of a safety policy operated by the Dudley Castle management. Apologies if this may be an inconvenience.


  • On the Castle site - Castle staff and BP team will direct you on where to park here


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