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Falstaffs Tudor Experience Ghost Hunts



Falstaff Experience / Tudor World
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire


The Falstaffs Tudor Experience is an interactive and educational museum located in Stratford-upon-Avon, the home of one William Shakespeare. Originally built as the Shrieve's House between 1536 and 1542, and hit with fires, plagues, Civil War chaos and murder, this museum is deemed the most haunted building in all of Stratford, with a ghostly young boy who pickpockets, a male presence who makes noises in the Attic, and the spirit of a 17th Century serial killer. What paranormal experiences await you?



Stratford-upon-Avon was founded by the Saxons in the 7th Century, when they invaded and inhabited this land. The name is derived from Latin, Old English and Celtic languages: 'Stratford' meaning Ford on the Roman Road/Street and 'Avon' meaning River/Water.

The site where the museum is located can be dated back to the end of the 12th Century, where Bishop John of Countances, the Bishop of Worcester, became Lord of the Manor at Stratford. In 1196, King Richard I granted a charter for Stratford to hold weekly markets, transforming the village into a proper market town complete with blacksmiths, carpenters, brewers, shoemakers and more. Sheep Street remains as one of the oldest streets in the town. We also know from documents that a house likely stood on this site as early as the late 1400s.

Between 1536 and 1542, Shrieve's House was built and named after the owner of the property, William Sheryve (Shrieve). Not much is known about William, but we do know he served as an archer for King Henry VIII.

On the 11th July 1564, an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague hit Stratford-upon-Avon, where an apprentice weaver by the name of Oliver Gunn died at The Garrick Inn. For the next six months, 238 people died from the deadly disease, with numerous plague pits dotted around the outskirts of the town. Thankfully Shakespeare's family escaped it, but could you imagine how different the world would b
e had they'd not been so lucky? Another outbreak of the Plague occurred in 1645, where on the 24th May at least 16 residents were infected. By the end of the Autumn, the disease was on the decline and in total 61 people lost their lives. The population of Stratford-upon-Avon during the 16th and 17th Centuries was anywhere between 1,500 to 2,000 people, despite two plague outbreaks in the town.

In about 1582, a new tenant moved into the property called William Rogers, and it's here that he opened the Three Tuns Tavern which served food as well as ales and drinks. It was the personality and life of William Rogers who later inspired William Shakespeare to create the comic character 'Falstaff'. As well as a tavern, a blacksmiths and a stable were located on the site too. In September 1595, a large fire swept through the town and straight across Sheep Street. The damage the fire caused at Shrieve's House is not clear due to contradicting accounts, but from tenant documents surrounding William Rogers, he was leased a new house on 30th October 1595. In one of the documents, it describes the House as being "consumed and clene burnd downe to the grounde to the losse and hyndrance of the sayde Willm", describing how devastating the fire was in this area, and that a good majority of the house had burned down.

A fire would strike Stratford-upon-Avon again on the 9th July 1614, but only the front portion of the building was damaged during that. In 1619, William Rogers' daughter Elizabeth is listed as being a tenant in the property, and that she spent over 10 shillings on repairs to it. Elizabeth had eight children and was widowed, so even though there's no evidence that she kept the tavern running, it's likely that she had no choice but to continue with it. It is widely reported that William Shakespeare visited Shrieve's House many times, walking up and down the cobbled courtyard to the tavern, and there's strong validity to this with Elizabeth's nephew William Walker being Shakespeare's godson. Shakespeare's daughter Suzannah was also close friends with Elizabeth, further establishing the playwright's connections to the building.

At the beginning of the English Civil War before the first battle took place at nearby Edgehill, Parliamentary troops under the command of Colonel Behr were billeted at No.40 Sheep Street (Shrieve's House). There is also a long stated rumour that Oliver Cromwell stayed here too before the Battle of Worcester. Colonel Lucas who was also a Parliamentarian, rented the building around that time from John Woolmer, who himself lived at the top of Sheep Street. John was often targeted by the locals for being a Royalist sympathiser, but once the Monarchy was restored under King Charles II, he negotiated the new Borough Charter and eventually became the first Mayor of Stratford; one of only three mayors to have lived at No.40 Sheep Street.

The Falstaff Experience was also featured on a leap year weekend special of Most Haunted Live! back in 2004, where strange happenings like battery-powered lights being drained, objects being thrown, and the late great medium Derek Acorah who had a traumatising experience being possessed by a mentally-crazed spirit.

Today the building is a tourist museum known as Tudor World, but is often referred to by its previous attraction name, the Falstaff



The Falstaffs Tudor Experience Museum is renowned for being the most haunted building in Stratford-upon-Avon. The building sits on top of 5 Ley Lines, creating this swirling vortex of ghostly energies picked up on by many psychics, mediums and sensitives.

A young boy is regularly sensed on the first floor, who likes to pickpocket visitors and ghost hunters for their watches, jeweller
y and other items. Many people will feel like their clothes and trousers are being pulled and tugged, with goosebumps following soon after.

In the Attic space where the Séance Room is, a strong male energy called
'John' likes to make himself known, with loud taps and knocks heard, as well as his eerie disembodied voice.

A dark hooded shadow figure with red glowing eyes has been seen at times throughout the building, believed to possibly be William Shrieve who dislikes people entering his house.

But perhaps the most scariest ghost is that of a 17th Century serial killer said to haunt the Plague Area, pushing and hurting guests to make them jump with fear, while causing frightening poltergeist activity. He is seen wielding a sharp axe, terrifying any unsuspecting visitors and guests.

Cold spots are common throughout the building, which at most times is quite warm. Loud sounds of dragging furniture can be heard at times, with no logical explanation, along with auditory phenomena like creepy laughs, whines and airy cries. And near the stairs in the Plague Area, people have had paranormal experiences like no other.



Your night of ghost hunting with Brookes Paranormal is guaranteed a fun, safe and spooky one. Experience this historic location with exclusive access after dark, as you explore the eerie rooms and areas in search for the ghostly spirits that haunt here. Here at the Falstaffs Tudor Experience, you will get to investigate the Séance Room in the Attic, the Ground Floor Tudor Rooms, the Plague Area and the First Floor Museum Rooms complete with petrifying mannequins that stare coldly into your soul.

Our team are friendly, professional, approachable and knowledgeable with paranormal investigating, and we will guide and support you to make sure you get the most out of your investigation. We welcome everyone from all walks of life, as our events are a safe space for all who love and enjoy the thrill of ghost hunting. Whether you're a paranormal novice or an experienced investigator, you'll be well-looked after and treated like family.

This is an honest ghost hunting experience, so there won't be any fakery or trickery during the night. We believe that if activity happens, it happens for real.

On your ghost hunt, you will be split into smaller groups to give you the best, personal experience possible. You will also get hands on with various pieces of ghost hunting equipment and participate in interesting paranormal experiments.
​ While we encourage everyone
to get involved in the night's vigils, you don't have to partake in experiments like Ouija Boards and the Estes Method if you don't
want to, we have plenty of other equipment for you to use.

You will also have a break during the night, where we provide you with unlimited refreshments and snacks.


  • Group photo of all guests which gets published to our page

  • Small group extended vigils

  • Refreshments and snacks like teas, coffees, hot chocolates,
    bottles of water, biscuits, crisps and chocolate bars

  • Full use of ghost hunting equipment like K2s, EMF Meters,
    REM Pods, Mel Meters, Spirit Boxes, Motion Detectors,
    Dowsing Rods, Laser Grid Pens, ITC Apps and SLS Cameras

  • Paranormal experiments like Ouija Boards, Glass Divination,
    Table Tipping, S
    éances, Estes Method and Human Pendulum

  • An introduction to ghost hunting equipment and techniques
    for guests new to the paranormal


  • All attendees MUST be 18 years or older

  • Heavily pregnant women are NOT allowed on these events

  • This location is NOT wheelchair accessible

  • This location has NO sleepover facilities

  • We operate a STRICT No Alcohol/Drugs Policy on our events, and if caught or believed to be under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, you will be removed from the event immediately and banned from all future events - No refunds

  • All attendees MUST bring a torch to the event, as we will be investigating in dark areas and low light conditions

  • Sensible footwear is required for the location's environmental conditions

  • In the colder months we advise to wear warm layered clothing, and bring a warm coat with you as the night will get cooler as the event progresses

  • History tours are NOT provided at this location, but we will talk briefly on the location's past

  • Ouija Boards are brought to events at this location, however we don't force you to take part in them

  • Please ensure you are able to attend this event; deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable, and full payments and remaining balances are non-refundable and non-transferable
    four weeks prior to the event date


ADDRESS: Tudor World, 40 Sheep Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire CV37 6EE

EVENT TIMES: 9:30pm - 3:00am (arrive at 9:15pm and wait patiently outside until a member of our team greets and registers you at the front gates)


  • Parking on Sheep Street (free after 6pm)

  • Parking on Ely Street

  • Parking at the rear of Wetherspoons (The Golden Bee)

  • Bridgeway Multi Storey Car Park

Please note parking charges may apply.