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Poole's Cavern Exclusive Ghost Hunts

Poole's Cavern & Buxton Country Park
Buxton, Derbyshire


Located on the southern edge of the stunning spa town of Buxton lies Poole's Cavern, a spectacular 2 million year old natural limestone cave that's acclaimed to being one of the Seven Wonders of the Peak District. There's been human activity on this site since the Stone Age, with parts of the cave used by the Romans for religious practices, mining and metal-work. This subterranean underworld has hosted thousands of tourists officially since the Victorian period, but history describes the terrifying encounters experienced from cutthroat charlatans, who left distraught visitors in the dark depths of the cave, unless they paid up.


Situated in this damp, foreboding cavern, many have experienced strange paranormal happenings, with tall shadow figures seen and disembodied voices that scream. Think you're brave enough to face your nightmares?



- Origins Of Poole's Cavern -

The history of this area in Buxton dates back to the Stone Age, where half a mile north of Poole's Cavern lies the hidden archaeological site of Lismore Fields, where human settlers sheltered in a Mesolithic roundhouse and two Neolithic longhouses. The underground limestone cavern formed 2 million years ago, and has been inhabited by humans throughout the Stone Age, Bronze Age and by the Romans. Several pieces of Neolithic artefacts, Roman pottery, bones and other remains have been found within the Cavern. There's also evidence to suggest Romano-Britons used this cave for different purposes, including religious practices and metal-working. The name Poole's Cavern is derived from a legendary medieval outlaw called 'Poole', who reputedly used this cave as a hideout to rob innocent travellers back in the 15th Century. Many believed the existence of the outlaw Poole was just a myth, however in recent times a hoard of silver coins dating back to 1440 was discovered in the cave, leading credence that perhaps Poole was a real person after all.

- Mary, Queen Of Scots Visits The Cavern -